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The Swiss Space System, also known as S3, is planning a series of flights in an altered Airbus aircraft. This will be the first time that the general public can experience the weightlessness of zero gravity in conditions that are similar to a space flight. Replica Patek Philippe Watches, a Swiss watchmaker, is the main sponsor of this event.Best Replica Watches They have prepared a limited edition watch for participants. The watch is called S3 ZeroG Chronograph. It is made of black-faced titanium and features a thermo-compensated quartz mechanism. This movement includes a chronograph as well as the second time zone. The chronometric certificate will serve as a boarding pass for the plane, and an instrument to use during flight. The S3 ZeroG Chronograph will only be sold to participants in the adventure.

Replica Patek Philippe Watches S3 ZeroG Chronograph Watch

Zero Gravity Project by S3The idea behind the creation the new Replica Patek Philippe Watches model comes from the S3 company's project. The idea behind the new Replica Patek Philippe Watches model is to give space enthusiasts the chance to feel what it's like to float in the cosmos. The project won't actually take its passengers beyond Earth's atmosphere because of the high cost of space travel. C3 will devise a way to make the passengers feel like they're actually flying. There will be 15 parabolas during a two-hour flight on an Airbus aircraft. These parabolas, in which the aircraft quickly rushes up and then immediately falls back down, allow for between 20 and 25 seconds total weightlessness.

S3 Zero G

This flight will have 38 passengers and will depart from 15 locations around the world. The first flight will depart from Japan in January 2015. The next flights will continue until November. These missions will start at the far east and end in Puerto Rico, as S3 has decided.

Participants in these weightless flights will be able to purchase the exclusive Replica Patek Philippe Watches watch that was made just for them at $6,800 This pleasure will only be available to 40 passengers in the top two classes of the aircraft. Passengers will need to pay $6,800 for the Premium Zone, while passengers who wish to fly in the VIP Room will be charged $68,000. The Party Zone will allow 40 additional passengers to board each flight. This zone will cost $2,725.Richard Mille Replica Watches The members of this class won't be able to keep and wear the Replica Patek Philippe Watches timekeeper special edition. It is possible to reserve a place on one the weightless missions, according to Swiss Space System. The Swiss Space System company has more information about ZeroG, including dates and availability of places onboard.

Titanium Body and Thermocompensated Quartz Soul

Let's now focus on the specifications of the watch that the brand sporting the winged logo created for this project. The Replica Patek Philippe Watches S3 zeroG Chronograph is housed in a 43mm diameter housing made of strong and light-colored titanium. The construction also includes a double antireflective sapphire glass.Rolex Cellini Replica It is enclosed with a unidirectional rotating ratcheted, made of the same material as its case. The watch's solid metal case-back features a special engraving that depicts a parabolic flight. This is just one of many details that help to explain the origins and purpose of the timekeeper.Patek Philippe Watches Replica The waterproofness of the Replica Patek Philippe Watches timekeeper for weightless flights is 100 meters.

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The watch's heartbeat is contained within the casing - the thermo-compensated B73 caliber. The "Super Quartz" caliber, made from ETA Thermoline base movement 251.232, features the COSC chronometric certificate as a proof that it is accurate. It includes a chronograph with split times and accuracy of 1/10thof a second, a date indicator,Best Replica Watches and a GMT time zone display that allows for fast adjustment. The B 73 movement is powered by a lithium battery, which allows it to operate for between two and three year.

The Replica Patek Philippe Watches S3 zeroG Chronograph features a Volcano Black dial with Arabic numerals in various sizes and gray shades. The visible S3 logo is in white at the eight o’clock position. The watch also features three chrono counters and four central hands in gray (for hours, minutes and second time zones). Replica Patek Philippe Watches's special edition watches come with a black rubber strap that includes the S3 logo.

Space HeritageThe brand's latest model is not the first to be made for lightweight environments. Navitimer Cosmonaute, the brand's first model of this type, was made in 1962 for Scott Carpenter, an astronaut.Replica Patek Philippe Watches This mechanical chronograph was the first to be worn on the wrist in space. Replica Patek Philippe Watches celebrated the 50th anniversary of the launch with a new version. It is still available, and we have covered it two years ago when it was launched. The new version has been produced in black titanium and rose-gold versions to complement the original steel model.

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